Vrindapati Das Sr. IT Consultant, Bloomington IL USA

Chanting God’s name is the most important act one can perform in his life, infact life is meant to do this. The secret to meet and see God is chanting His name. Acharyas explain anyone who is most fortunate, most lucky, most intelligent and serious of going back to Godhead in this lifetime itself chant God’s name everyday. Chanting Hare Krishna mahamantra in morning gives me immense pleasure, long-lasting mental peace and most importantly a means to experience the Supreme Lord. I have been doing chanting every morning for almost 14 years now. Since there is no difference between Him and His name, the Supreme Lord Shri Krishna can be experienced anywhere and everywhere at anytime by just chanting His name. Chanting gives me sharp intelligence, focused and cool mind, great satisfaction in heart. All this helps me to carry out my day to day duties efficiently and effectively. I would strongly recommend to chant every morning and experience presence of God in His holy name.